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Your Phoenix Surge Protection Professionals

Surge Protection

Electricity, while an essential component to any modern home, is dangerous. In its raw form it is a destructive force that causes damage, fire and even death. That is why whenever you need electrical service; it is advised that you employ the assistance of a certified Phoenix electrician like Phoenix Electricians Today. One way that we help to keep homeowners protected is with Phoenix surge protection installation.

By implementing devices that interrupt the circuit or current flow at interfaces with your home, you reduce the risk of electrocution or electrical fire. Our team of skilled surge protection installation specialists has the training and tools necessary to install surge protection equipment and protect your family and property from the destructive power of electricity. Your safety is a top priority for us and that is why we offer affordable options that will keep your home secure. This is why we are the premier choice in Phoenix for surge protection professionals. Call us today to learn more about our quality home surge protection installation services.


Ground fault circuit interrupters are very simple devices. These surge protectors actually closely monitor the current levels that are passing through them and when they sense an imbalance of any kind (be it lower power or power surge) they interrupt the circuit. This circuit interruption stops the flow of current before it can reach the device or circuitry on the other side of the GFCI. Often the GFCI is an outlet, typically installed in bathrooms where electrical devices are hand held. The GFCI protects from electrocution as you are using blow driers, curling irons and that sort. There are GFCI circuit breakers as well that can be installed directly into your breaker box.


Arc fault circuit interrupters operate a little differently than GFCI’s. AFCI’s detect leaks in wiring and interrupt the circuit to prevent electrical fires. As wires get worn, electricity may leak out of cracks and tears in the wire insulation. This is a quick way for fires to spread amongst the dry sea of electrical wiring behind your walls. The AFCI will detect the leakage and stop the current flow quickly to ensure further leakage is halted. These are typically installed in the breaker box as well.

Power Strips

An easy way that homeowners can take surge protection into their own hands is with the popular and commonly used power strip. By plugging your consumer electronic devices into a power strip, power to the entire strip is cut off if there is a surge in power. This provides your home with another layer of defense on the external side of your electrical system.

Our Phoenix Surge Protection Professionals Provide the Following Services:

  • AFCI’s
  • GFCI’s
  • Surge Protection Installation
  • Circuit Breaker Surge Protection
  • Outlet Surge Protection
  • Whole Home Surge Protection
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If you are looking for surge protection in Phoenix then please call 623-209-5244, or complete our online request form.